Please Help Me Save The World Clothing Company


Our Story / Mission

I feel so honored and blessed to be able to welcome YOU to my first website and to give you just a bit of information on my company mission and myself. Please as you read my words below simply try to "feel" and absorb my thoughts, my beliefs, my journey and my mission versus simply focusing on the website aesthetics or the length of my heartfelt vision, and I'd be glad to discuss any aspects of my thoughts and yours with you!  My name is Lawrence Black and I’m from the Detroit, Michigan area. I started my clothing line and company in May 2017 simply after years of realizing that what we take into our bodies and the information that we constantly feed our minds as we live through this life has a tremendous impact on how we live, and how we think and act. It also has a tremendous impact on how we take care of ourselves and view and interact whether negatively or positively with other human beings here in the United States and in the world.

From the time we are born, become children and young adults and on to full adulthood, we have probably viewed and been bombarded with hundreds if not thousands of messages both positive and negative messages including images of how we should think, feel, and act about ourselves and the people in this world around us. I truly believe at this point in my life that the written word of God is indeed “The Good Book” and for laypersons, people who have hardened and broken souls, the impoverished, people who are depressed, atheists, novices, regular people who are generally good folks, and biblical scholars alike, I believe that Biblical and other religious and spiritual teachings can better equip you to work towards having peace in this life and a better understanding of the answers to the most pressing issues that we all face today in this world!

I consider myself to be a bit of a religious novice, however, life has certainly taught me that the “Word” is truly something that I want to continue to learn and completely absorb and follow for the rest of my life, just like just laws and other moral rules that we all have to strive to follow in this life. And the definition of a novice is simply a student of a subject matter and so perhaps all of us are novices as we all go through our own unique journey in life? I have been there and done that and TRULY understand what it’s like to be bombarded and almost to the point of being indoctrinated with sexual and misogynistic messages from many types of today’s music. As we grow up young and older people see nothing but violence on the news and in movies and on the streets and perhaps even in our own homes. So many people today are addicted to prescription drugs, illegal drugs, smoking, alcohol, pornography, gambling and all other forms of worldly addictions. Many of the foods we eat today could have long term and negative consequences.

As Madonna once talked about we all live in such a “Material World” and some songs talk about what all people will do for money and if you’ve been living in this life for awhile you know that not all but many of us will do just about anything to obtain the “almighty dollar” and often times you can lose your soul in the process. Myself and many other honest and good people have struggled for years for many reasons just to try to make a halfway decent living. What if we all loved each other enough and our love for others exceeded the love of money which allowed us to want to share our resources with all others so that no one has to struggle in this area? If you are a person of color you may be aware and feel that all of life is against you in so many ways simply because of the branding people put upon you due to how you might conduct yourself in society or simply due to the color of your skin no matter how much of an upstanding person you are and believe yourself to be. I believe the color of a person is simply that just a color and or course ALL colors are beautiful.

So I think you get the picture of the issues that I’m speaking about and of course life is not all doom and gloom. As I think about my physical father, I’ll always remember how he loved the “Word,” was so well grounded in it and wanted to help others especially the youth. I also think of the beauty of my mother’s earthly wisdom that I appreciate now more than ever. Another person that I’ll always admire besides let’s say Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be Marvin Gaye. We all know about his secular struggle like many of us deal with, as well as his attempts to pursue a spiritual relationship in spite of his issues and he could so eloquently sing about it! In a nutshell, I believe with all my heart and soul that the only way for all of us especially our young people to enjoy the beauty and peace which is available in this life, even prior to meeting our maker is to always work extremely hard at tuning out this crazy world, and working to have a better and living relationship with God. We also have to work at following the divinely inspired directives of the Word as we work to better take care of ourselves as well as completely love ALL others that we come in contact with in this life. We need to love our men better and absolutely CHERISH the women of the world. I believe if we all work to completely take care of familiar folks and strangers alike as if they were our own brothers and sisters and in all ways, we not only will enjoy much peace on this earth, but we will be taking care of ourselves in the process! We could all aggressively practice this and literally change and save the world in the process to the best extent possible.

I also believe that the only way to tune out the negativity of this world is for the rest of our lives on this earth, simultaneously and earnestly to make sure we strive to absorb and practice the teachings of the Word as well as any and all moral principles that we can apply to the way we live and to those around us. However, no matter what your beliefs are, I believe that your personal spiritual journey is yours alone and I personally love and respect all people no matter what as long as we all strive to embrace love and peace and support for ALL others in a true and meaningful way! In a way this world has never practiced before! I also believe that deprogramming our minds from secular thoughts of pleasure and other such thoughts and reprogramming our minds with positive clean thoughts is not always easy for humans and has not been easy for me! But  the negative images and messages we receive daily will NOT help any of us in any way, but positive messages and reinforcement WILL help us and that’s why I started Please Help Me Save The World Clothing Company. I believe you’ll find that my clothing designs and others that I can design according to your beliefs  are designed to show others and the world what you believe in and how you want to make the world a better place for all.  And in addition your support of my business and the funds raised from the sell of my clothes, will be used for endeavors towards this end and for the betterment of all people so I could really use your support. May I count on your support?  There’s a saying that if, “you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything!” I believe that the positive messages on my shirts and other clothing items can be a reminder to yourself and all others of what it is you want to strive for spiritually and morally. I believe this clothing may be a small or large aid in helping you tune out the negative messages of this world as you pursue your spiritual relationships! Please check out my designs on my ORDERING page and if you feel as I do, please reach out to me letting me know that you’d like to own these clothing designs for yourself and others you know. Please join me in starting a worldwide LOVE movement so we can rid ourselves of the hate and support all others.  All detailed ordering information is on the order form that I can email to you and is downloadable on the ordering page or simply contact me to help you with ordering!

And again my absolute objective is to pay your support of my business forward by majorly contributing to the best of my ability to any and all organizations which value and strive to achieve all of the objectives that I’ve outlined above. I want to help others! If you have any questions and for ordering please reach out to me by email, phone, or text . God Bless YOU and thank you for reading my story! Feel free to contact us at any time about ANY regular, special, custom and large volume ordering questions including pricing that you may have and how we may be able to partner with you to help further promote your business, religious organization, non profit, school or other positive societal cause!